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Gambling Addiction


Does your gambling cause a problem for you or others around you ?

Do you sometimes spend too much money or time on gambling?

Maybe you find it difficult to stop gambling even though you know you should?

Have you gotten into arguments with friends or family because of your gambling?

Do you hide your gambling from others?

Do you worry about losing your wife, kids, job or business if you continue to gamble?

Gambling has become a serious problem in Ireland and will probably get worse in the coming years.

Gambling operates in the same circuits of the brain as any other addiction and can cause just as much suffering and pain. The reason why you gamble may be due to boredom, relationship problems or for the excitement of it.

A Gambling addiction is entrancing. It's like when you get the urge, all common sense seems to disappear only to return when the gambling episode is over. It's only when you learn to break the gambling trance that you can take back control.

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