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Treatment for Panic Attacks

Are Panic Attacks Ruining Your Life?

  • Are you scared to go certain places for fear you could have a panic attack?

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with a sense of intense fear for no reason?

  • Have you felt your heart pounding so hard, you thought you might die?

  • Have you have gone to A&E thinking you’re having a heart attack or stroke, only to be told it was “just” a panic attack?

  • Do you wish you could stop having panic attacks and start feeling more in control and at ease in your life?


Suffering with panic attacks is a horrible experience. Perhaps you feel a sick, churning feeling in your stomach like you want to throw up. May be your heart races or you find it hard to catch your breath. You might feel pins and needles and a shaking or trembling in your body. You may think that you'll faint or fall down during a panic attack.  Feeling overwhelmed by the sensations you can’t control, you may fear that you will make a fool of yourself or that you are going crazy.


You might have tried to fight through it only to find that this makes it worse, or you may have limited your activities so that you go places where you feel safe in order to avoid another panic attack. You may have planned escape routes from situations that make you feel uncomfortable and feel embarrassed at your need to do this. Mostly you just want these debilitating symptoms to disappear so that your life can return to normal. You want to be free to do the activities you enjoy without living with a sense of dread and fear; worrying you might become overwhelmed and have another panic attack.


More Common Than You Think

You may be suffering in silence thinking that nobody has experienced these horrible sensations. Your not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer with panic attacks at some point in their life. For some, panic attacks can be triggered during a stressful situation and for others they can seem to come out of nowhere.  The reason why we are vulnerable to panic attacks is to do with a type of alarm system in our brain known as fight or flight. This fight or flight mechanism is a survival response to danger that was inherited from our ancestors in order to keep us safe. So-called because our survival instinct dictates that we either fight or flee from dangerous situations.


The symptoms of panic attacks such as the heart speeding up, quickening of the breath, shaking in the hands and legs are protective measures our mind takes when it feels under threat.  This can be a useful response if we see a speeding car coming straight for us. The mind triggers our panic alarm to get us away from the on coming car. Because these symptoms are generated in a part of the mind connected with survival it can at times trigger a panic attack for reasons that are not life threatening. They can just seem to come out of nowhere.


How Panic Attacks Are Defeated

If you have been suffering with panic attacks you will be happy to hear that help is available. By using a combination of the latest evidence based techniques for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, I can help you to overcome them and take back control. Drawing on a range of therapies including Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy and the Human Givens Psychology , triggers associated with panic can be identified and dealt with, bringing an end to the unpleasant sensations and symptoms of panic.


For some, panic attacks can be the result of a build up of stress. The fight or flight mechanism is left at high alert without being switched off as there is no outlet for the physical responses. For others, a traumatic memory stored in the unconscious may trigger a seemingly out of the blue emotional response. In both cases, by identifying the trigger, relaxing the mind and body and deconditioning the emotional response, the physiological reactions that are causing the panic attacks can be reduced and eliminated.


In the comfortable environment of our sessions I can help you understand what causes you to panic and what needs to happen for you to get relief. In many cases panic attacks occur because of previous attacks. A pattern gets formed in your mind to panic at certain times. I can help you re pattern those memories so as to stop them from triggering panic attacks in the future. This is something I have been specifically trained to do and is extremely effective at eliminating panic attacks.


By identifying the triggers to your panic attacks, whether they are long standing issues from the past or emotional needs not being met in the present, I can help you turn off the panic response. With the right type of guidance and support you can overcome panic attacks and feel "normal" once again. For over 10 years, I've been helping people put an end to suffering that panic attacks cause. Many people have told me they wish they had come to see me sooner. You really don't need to suffer anymore.


You might still have some questions about the how therapy can help eliminate panic attacks...


Will this Panic Attack treatment work for me ?

Because panic attacks are so frightening they tend to completely hijack the mind into thinking that something must be seriously wrong. This might make you wonder if my approach will work. Having helped many people rid themselves of panic attacks I can assure you that you can live a life free from panic. By identifying your pattern of panic attacks I will use the most effective techniques available that will enable you to get relief as quickly as possible. I have helped people from all walks of life to eliminate panic attacks ranging from Barristers to members of the Gardai, to Nurses, as well as students of all ages. Often in just a few sessions.


Won’t therapy be expensive and time consuming?

There are many different types of therapy available for dealing with a range of emotional issues including panic attacks. Some of the more traditional approaches involve a combination of medication and therapy. While medication can help relieve symptoms of panic and anxiety in the short term, it doesn’t address the issues that are causing the build up of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks.


Traditional forms of talk therapy have focused on identifying the root cause of panic attacks, allowing the patient to understand why they may have developed, but don’t always help to identify solutions to dealing with them and can often make people feel worse. The brief solution-focused therapies that I practice work to identify the causes while eliminating the beliefs held in the mind that are driving the emotional responses that occur. By doing this maladaptive patterns of behaviour are changed, resulting in immediate relief.


Panic Attacks Can Be Eliminated

With the right information and understanding of how panic attacks occur, they can be easily treated. This will allow you to take back control of your life and regain a sense of normality. Imagine how much better your life will be when you don't have to worry about panic attacks anymore.


I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation, during which I can answer any questions you might have on my approach to treating panic attacks. From there we can set up a meeting where we can discuss the best course of action for you to help you eradicate panic attacks from your life.


Call 087 1954046 now to eliminate panic attacks from your life for good.