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Change is easier than you think

Providing Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Kilkenny for over 10 years.

Everyone suffers from moments of stress or anxiety and many of us battle with some sort of addictions or bad habits.

However, if stress, anxiety, addictions or bad habits are preventing you from living the way you want, it might be time to get the help you deserve.

Perhaps you landed on my site because you’re looking for a change in your life. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and are lacking the sufficient belief in yourself to make some necessary changes.

What if I told you change is possible and doesn't have to be painful?

That you can break free from the grip of addictions and bad habits or feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

Your mind is the most powerful resource you have. I can help you to learn how to use it to make powerful, lasting changes.



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Areas of Practice


Have you tried to break the smoking habit using nicotine replacement products or willpower without success?

Anxiety Treatment

Do you avoid certain situations because you feel anxious? Do you feel that anxiety is holding you back and you’re missing out on opportunities in life?

Weight Loss

Diets don't work. Instead, we delve deep into the causes of your overeating by addressing your habits, emotions and behaviour towards

Depression Treatment

Being depressed can seem like a life sentence with no end in sight. However, depression is the most treatable of all psychological disorders if you get the right help

Alcohol Problems

Hypnotherapy can help to stop drinking or reduce your drinking and also help you to discover new ways to relax and feel confident

Fear / Phobia Treatment

You can develop a phobia about absolutely anything. Hypnotherapy has shown to be one of the most effective ways of removing an irrational fear or phobia. 


Previous attempts to quit were a torment, a constant battle ...but smoking is a non-issue for me now. I actually don’t care about cigarettes.
— Olivia Walshe | Waterford Today 2010
The turning point came just before the three-week mark when, getting ready for a night out, I discovered I needed a belt with a well-worn, much-loved jeans – and I don’t wear belts. Ever.
— Laura Keys | Kilkenny People 2009

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on level of commitment. Results are based on my follow-up surveys and client testimonials.

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