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Reprogramming the Mind – Using Hypnosis to Transform Your Attitude Towards Food

We all know the cycle don’t we?

January comes around, or summer is in sight, and you start a brand new diet – a diet that this time is guaranteed to work.

You start off well, and the weight falls off in just a few short weeks. And you’re feeling pretty good.

Then life happens – children’s birthday parties, holidays, and an ever-increasing mountain of paperwork on your desk starts to put a strain on your already hectic schedule.

So you have a little bit of wine here.

And just a sliver of cake there.

And within just a few weeks you’re back to eating the way you were before. You’ve gained all the weight you initially lost. You might even weigh more than you did to start with.


You are not alone.

Every client who approaches me has been in this exact situation. It’s what the dieting industry relies on – an endless cycle of gaining and losing weight. It’s why it’s so profitable.

I have just one piece of advice…


Ditch the Diet

If I could ban the word diet from the dictionary, I would. Diets do not work. Not in the long run.

What does work is a complete change of mindset towards food.

The majority of people who successfully lose weight, and keep the weight off, have changed their attitude towards food altogether.


Reprogramming the mind

To do this, we need to delve deep into the causes of your overeating by addressing your habits, emotions and behavior towards food.

We all know what to do, eat well and exercise. We’re bombarded with this information constantly. It’s simple, right?

Well, if it’s that simple, then why isn’t it working?


Something deeper is going on…

A lot of women approach me having tried and failed many diets before. They may feel dejected and blame themselves. Some feel that they are too weak, or too lazy to diet successfully. But this is simply not true.

When we diet, we go against everything our subconscious has learnt over a long period of time.

Throughout childhood, we developed our attitudes towards food. These attitudes are ingrained within us. And they are difficult to overcome and change.

Think of it as cleaning your teeth or waking up for work in the morning. Imagine how difficult it would be to break those cycles. This is exactly what you try to do when you diet, which is why, so often, it ends in failure.



Your eating habits are part of your subconscious, and your subconscious will do what it’s programmed to do – whether it’s good for you or not.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to access your subconscious, and in particular, the part of your mind that controls what you eat.

My aim is to re-educate your mind, forming new and healthy habits that will replace your old ones.


Changing How We Feel About Food on an Emotional Level

Many people—if not all—feel a strong emotional attachment towards food. Food brings us together as a family. It comforts us, provides warmth and makes us happy. There’s a social link to eating, as well as an instinctive one.

Think about a stressful day at work, or a hectic day with the children. Have you ever grabbed a sugary snack or glass of wine during these times without really thinking about it?

If the answer is yes, then there’s a reason.

It’s because our subconscious is driving our actions. And to cope with these situations, we use food to help us.

Changing your thoughts about food is simply not enough. It’s difficult to stay motivated permanently, especially during the ups and downs of hectic life.

That’s why we have to change your attitude towards food on an emotional level.

To get the change you are looking for, you need to go beyond how you think about food and change how you feel about food.


The turning point came just before the three-week mark when, getiing ready for a night out, I discovered I needed a belt with a well-worn, much-loved jeans – and I don't wear belts. Ever.

An added bonus, which I credit partly to my improved diet and more-frequent exercise, but mostly to the hypnosis and relaxation CD he gave me, is that I'm now finding it much easier to relax and am far less stressed that normal. I'm sleeping much better.

It hasn't been all plain sailing, and there's still plenty of work to do, but if it's always this simple, I've no doubt I'm going to achieve my goal through hypnosis.

Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person depending on level of commitment. Results are based on my follow-up surveys and client testimonials.


This is where Hypnosis can help…

Hypnosis for weight loss is not magic—although, to many, it does seem that way—it is a powerful and unique tool for overcoming pre-established eating patterns.

The Hypnosis Program is designed for people who know what they should and shouldn’t eat but still have trouble changing their eating habits.

I’m not offering you a fad diet or magic quick fix. I will not try to upsell you some shakes or supplements!

Hypnosis is a long-term strategy for people who want to change their lifestyles and transform the way they think and feel about food.

If that’s something you’re looking for, then contact me now for a friendly chat on:

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