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Alcohol Issues

Do you need help reducing or eliminating alcohol from your life?

Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself drinking more often and feel worried that it’s getting out of control. Maybe it’s starting to effect your work or relationships in a negative way. Are you tired of waking up feeling hungover and unmotivated or maybe even feeling embarrassed about what you did or said the night before.

Have you tried to stop or cut down your drinking in the past?

Perhaps you started fully committed and resisted the urge to drink once, twice or even ten times. But at a certain time, in a certain place or with certain people you gave in to temptation and when the effects had worn off you felt frustrated, disappointed or even guilty for letting yourself down, again!

Maybe you don’t remember the night before or feel anxious and shameful at what you do remember?

You might even feel depressed and anxious around others in work or in social situations for several days after. Perhaps your eating habits are completely erratic after drinking, choosing junk food instead of something healthy which makes you feel even worse.

The connection between depression and anxiety in relation to excessive drinking

Any problems you have in your life will always be magnified by the low mood that drinking too much causes which can begin a negative cycle of drinking to escape your problems only to wake up to the same problems that completely overwhelm you.

Drinking too much or becoming dependent on alcohol doesn’t happen all at once and normally happens gradually over time.

Maybe you started drinking a glass or two of wine at night to help you wind down after a busy day and now you drink a bottle or more for the same effect. Many people I’ve worked with started drinking more often during a stressful period, such as the break up of a relationship or death of a loved one and just carried on drinking since then.

Hypnotherapy can help to stop drinking or reduce your drinking and also help you to discover new ways to relax and feel confident.

Alcohol in the short term will reduce uncomfortable feelings but when the effects of the alcohol have worn off it will significantly increase these negative feelings creating a downward spiral that can cause all sorts of different problems in life.

Hypnosis is is unique in that it is one of the most effective ways of breaking bad habits.

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